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Team Building Painting Parties

City of Gilroy 2021


State Farm 2019

A Paint Party  is a great way to unwind and have fun with your team while creating a painting. Our events promote connectivity and relationship building and improve morale and productivity.

Your team will enjoy easy to follow, step by step guidance from our artist who will make sure everyone leaves with a massive smile and their own finished masterpiece. 

-or- how about the entire team painting one gigantic multi-canvas mural for your office space.   This exercise will remind us that while we are all individuals, but still an important part of a team.  In working and performing our daily tasks, a person can easily forget the importance of their contribution to the greater whole.  Without each small component the total picture would be incomplete.  Doing a multi-canvas mural is a fantastic way to reinforce how an exercise such as this can demonstrate how essential each individual is to the end result.  (keep in mind when setting your date that extra time prep is needed for our artist to sketch your canvases)

And, best of all you don't need to organize a thing for the painting part of your party Just book, turn up and enjoy creative team painting fun. We'll take care of the rest.

Click below to download the Team Building Informational form and get  started planning your teams next event!

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