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Local Fundraising


2018 South County Tailwaggers 
at: Fortino Winery, Gilroy, CA


2019 Women of the Moose Fundraiser, Castro Valley, CA

Fundraisers are not just a means for raising money, but an opportunity to spread a message on a larger scale. The way in which money is raised typically revolves around sports, such as a running or biking event, or selling some sort of confection. While these methods are an excellent way to promote a message and goal, there is a ton of value in creative forms of fundraising as well — like painting.

There are many ways to explore art fundraiser ideas. With help from Paint’n With Friends, you could raise money for a special charity and involve family, friends, and your local community by hosting an art party. Art-based fundraising ideas are engaging for many audiences, especially for those who may not necessarily enjoy active fundraisers.

Here’s the plan…

  • Get in touch with us to start planning.  Download and complete the below FUNDRAISING FORM and return it promptly or feel free to contact us.  

  • Choose your date.  We suggest booking your fundraiser at least 6 weeks in advance to allow adequate time to sell at least 25 tickets so the event is even more profitable for you.  Check out our Calendar for open dates too!

  • Book a location to hold your fundraiser.

  • Select a Painting. (click here for our gallery)  We have many ideas in our gallery (level 1 paintings are suggested).  You may want to consider a painting that will go along with the theme of your event or cause.  

  • Promote your event.   We can assist you in creating a flyer for your event, and Paint’n with Friends will advertise your event on our website and through social media to assist you in selling tickets.

  • We offer a discounted fundraiser rate of $15 if your number of painters is greater than 25.  If you have less than 25 but greater than 15 painters, your fundraiser rate will be $20 per painter as we do have a 15 painter minimum. 

  • The ticket price is up you.  We suggest pricing your event’s tickets between $35-$50.  This way your organization earns a minimum $20 for each ticket sold (If you have more than 25 painters).  

  • We will provide you with a link to our website's event page to help you sell tickets, or you can manage ticket sales.  

​Partnering with Paint’n with Friends for Fundraising is a PERFECT way to increase visibility, create revenue stream with the support of your community, and do something fun and interesting which everyone can appreciate, share and relate to. 
This will be one night, for your organization in which we together will create one unforgettable experience. 

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