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Looking for an AWESOME DEAL???  Paint’n with Friends has launched our discount program,

Paint’n With Friends (PWF) Passports!  


You can now purchase GIFT CARDS to be used at upcoming

Studio Painting Parties/events & Kids Programs held in our Studio with us. 


We have several levels that will give you a 30% discount on future events!  

DIAMOND: Value $1000, Purchase Price:  $700 (with discount code)

PLATINUM:  Value: $800.  Purchase Price is:  $560  (with discount code)

GOLD: Value: $600.  Purchase Price is:  $420  (with discount code)!  

SILVER: Value: $400.  Purchase Price is:  $280  (with discount code)

COPPER:  Value: $200.  Purchase Price is:  $140  (with discount code)! 

BRONZE: Value: $100.  Purchase Price is:  $70  (with discount code) 


Your PWF Passport must be purchased by total level (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze).Your PWF Passport can be used for admission to any PWF Public Painting Parties! Find the time that works for you, sign up with us and enjoy!!!   

A PWF Passport is essentially a gift card filled with the amount you purchase.  To take advantage of this special limited time offer you must enter the below discount code during checkout. 

​  ***IMPORTANT*** The discount code you will use at checkout to obtain 30% off the cost of the CLUB PWF PASSPORT is 24CLUBPWF  This code expires 12/31/2024

Have a PWF Passport to redeem?
We make it easy. Just find an event in our CURRENT EVENTS CALENDAR  .  Enter the "Gift Card" ID number in the section labeled, "Discount or Redemption Code" (be sure you enter all the numbers and the dashes " - " too.  ex 1234-1234-1234).   Your balance will be displayed also keeping you apprised of your funds.    
The nitty gritty
Valid only at Paint’n With Friends Gilroy.
PWF Passport Gift Card must be redeemed online via this website.   
PWF Passports Gift Cards may NOT be used for PWF Painting Kits, Merchandise, Private Events, Fundraisers, Fundraiser deposits, tips, or Special Events that do not allow coupons.

PWF Passport Gift Cards never expire. 

PWF Passport Gift Cards are Non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash, unless the value is less than $10.00.  Keep in mind you will receive actual money spent returned.  Example if you purchased your gift card in 2023 you will receive $5 returned if your gift card is valued at $10 as this was the actual purchase price.  

When you sign up, you essentially are purchasing a ticket from Paint'n With Friends; hence, the same cancellation/reschedule policy applies. 

Refund/cancellation policy...
Can you refund my ticket or can I reschedule my ticket Paint’n with Friends event?

  • Our tickets are non-refundable. 

  • ​You may request to reschedule your ticket up to 5 days before your event with no additional fees. 

  • If you wish to reschedule, and it is two days before your ticketed event, you will be charged a $10 per-ticket reschedule fee. 

  • Reschedule requests will not be granted if your ticketed event is within 24 hours.    

  • Reschedule requests will not be granted if you miss your event.   

  • All reschedule requests must be submitted via email at

​What if Paint'n With Friends cancels the event?

  • If Paint'n with Friends cancels the event you have the right to a refund or you may reschedule for any upcoming event of equal value.

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